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Global Lighting Technologies


Global Lighting Technologies (GLT) is the world leader in LED edge back light solutions. Years of developing solutions for the top companies in the world has help push GLT to back light products ranging from wrist watches to wide screen televisions

Technology Overview


Edge lit back light solutions offer a very uniform plane of light with no hot spots, combined with high efficiency of light extraction usually requires fewer LEDS. Reducing LED count can help reduce overall product cost and extend battery life in hand held portable applications. 

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Edge lighting solutions are used in a wide range of products typically for it's ability to be very thin, down to .15mm. 

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Companies Represented

About American Bright LED


 For over two decades, Bright LED has become one of the world’s leading LED suppliers seeking unusual quality and service.

In 1995, Bright established American Bright Optoelectronics  Corporation in Southern California to create a qualified, responsive  source to the rapidly growing market for LED’s in the North America  market.

With the same philosophy that Bright has continually invested in the  expansion of their research and development, manufacturing and customer  service capabilities, American Bright is capable of responding to the  needs of the customers on a domestic basis. This is achieved through a  growing network of authorized sales representatives, applications staff  and qualified distributors. Leveraging our ability to communicate  immediately with the factory and with customers and affiliates around  the world, and through the further growth of our automated production  lines, American Bright is positioned to answer the most demanding needs  of our customers. Our manufacturing techniques are highly proficient,  assuring a level of quality and uniformity that the market has come to  expect in such devices.

Product Showcase


Products and Markets


  • Proprietary high performance LED backlighting products
  • Excellent Uniformity
  • Efficient light extraction
  • Low profile
  • Fewer LEDs, longer battery life
  • Competitive cost base for LED lighting


  • LCD Backlighting
  • Notebook, Tablet and Mobile Device Illumination
  • Keyboard & Keypad Illumination
  • Capacitive Touch Backlighting
  • Graphic Lighting
  • Automotive Illumination
  • LED TV Backlighting
  • Front Lighting
  • General Illumination