Global Lighting Technologies

About Global Lighting


Global Lighting Technologies is the World Leader of edge lit LED lighting solutions. Headquartered in Taiwan with manufacturing in Taiwan and China. U.S. Engineering, Sales and Support are located in Brecksville, Ohio

Lightguide vs Light Pipe


Global Lighting Engineer explanis the difference between a light guide and a light pipe. Click on image for video.

Where we Fit


Entry into the world markets was via cell phones. The ability to light a given area more uniformly and using fewer LEDs reduced cost, improved appearance and increased battery life. Today we light everything from wrist watches to wide screen televisions.

Project Management


Each project is assigned to a Project Manager that is an Engineer trained in all aspects of light guide design, prototype development and through to full production. 

Quality designed In


Having the proper facilities and training insures consistent quality and uniformity between parts from the first to the last. 

How we succeed


Our best successes are always when we engage early with the customers engineers to input regarding LED location, LED selection to insure meeting light output requirements for the application.